Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Make some space for clothes that are new, trendy and useful

Every time you get to be in front of a Nashville photographer, your boyfriend or in the club, you want to look different. It goes like this, you want to look flawless every day, but you want to wear something else than what you wore yesterday or the day before yesterday. 
     Day by day, you drown yourself in your own clothes. As there is just too much of everything in your closet, because it’s such a pity to throw away the pieces you will never wear. We love to go shopping and it all starts with the obvious reason. You like to spend time in stores, to face the dressing room, to create all kinds of outfits. The problem is that the quantity of clothes in your closet becomes bigger than the number of days there are in a week, a month… a year.
Sometimes it’s just like this: you would love to wear all the clothes you own, but you do not have time! Rationally, the only thing that could put an end to this behavior is the physical space of the wardrobe. At some point, you will not even have room for new clothes. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not a life lesson. It’s just a tip, a friendly recommendation: periodically, sort your wardrobe and keep your favorite pieces. The remaining stuff should be donated, given to friends, burnt or modified.
     You keep those clothes, because "you never know". Well, this is a biggie. You wore that coat at a time, years ago. You are not even sure if you truly loved or if it just came great on your body. But wait, what if that specific fashion trend comes back? ( small chance ...)  Or what if you get slimmer and figure out how to make it fit again? (come on, you can do better) Or, what if you find a perfect match for it? ( really ?) No, if you couldn’t do that the first time, if you did not touch that piece at least five times in the last year, it’s the right time to pull it out of the closet. Because there is no chance that’s some luxurious vintage piece we’re talking about.
So remove that thing from your wardrobe. That’s an emergency. If you still wander through thoughts like ‘maybe it fits me well’, then ask for advice. Your wardrobe is not a museum. It has to be as useful as your clothes are. In case you’re not sure about a certain piece of clothing, and your advisor is telling you that it doesn’t fit you anymore, throw it away. Make some space for something new, trendy and useful.

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Trend Alert: Embroidered collars

Dopo aver osservato una delle collezioni più interessanti della stagione, quella del creativissimo laboratorio di Vivetta, ho constatato quanto i collari delle camicie siano stati oggetto di modifiche e continue ispirazioni, tanto da scaturire un nuovo interessante trend che li vede protagonisti.
Ricami in primis, regnano su capi apperentemente semplici, decorandoli con colori, giochi di forme e volumi arrivando a sostituire gioielli e bijoux, tanta è la loro ricchezza.
Così mani, cigni, ma anche teneri croissant divengono protagonisti di questo giocoso dettaglio, capace di far sorridere e meravigliare al contempo.

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