Naketano gift coupon: “And the winners are..”

–  The Queen from “Iolanda in Wonderland”

– Miavilardo from “L’ago nel Pagliaio”

– Alexandra Amico from “MEF Kitsch is Fashion”

– Eva from “Eva’s apple”

– Garakami from “Garakami”

– Francesca C. from “The funny game”

– Dandara from “Dandarodara”

– Pilcuis from “Oh my Dior”

– Patry from “L’Originale”

– Shri from “Shri loves you”

– Spinster from “Will i ever get married”

– Fashion Tales from “Lady of fashion”

– Cocca 87 from “Alternativamente fashion”

– Kristy Eléna from “Vogue gone Rogue”

– Simonne from “La fille du chat noir”

– Glowing Doll from “Glowing Doll”

– Ransie from “Federica”

– Lisa from “The italianese”

– Mimi from “What Mimi writes”

– Noble Beeyotch from “Live breathe dream etsy”


You have won a gift coupon for a tune of 30 euros to spend on the Naketano shop-online!!!
In a short-time you will receive an e-mail with the promotional code!


Avete vinto un gift coupon del valore di 30 euro da spendere nello shop-online Naketano!!!
A breve riceverete una mail con il codice promozionale!

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