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Sporty chic with Naketano

                I wear: Wool college blazer: vintage Sweatshirt: Naketano f/w woman collection Skinny jeans and shoes :Tally Weijl Vernis handbag: Yves Saint Laurent Easy Thanks to Eleonora My boyfriens wears: Pinstripe blue blazer: Conbipel T-shirt: Naketano man s/s collection Jeans: h&m Shoes: Adidas Con questi outfit grazie ad alcuni pezzi della collezione donna autunno-/nverno Naketano e […]

Naketano gift coupon: “And the winners are..”

–  The Queen from “Iolanda in Wonderland” – Miavilardo from “L’ago nel Pagliaio” – Alexandra Amico from “MEF Kitsch is Fashion” – Eva from “Eva’s apple” – Garakami from “Garakami” – Francesca C. from “The funny game” – Dandara from “Dandarodara” – Pilcuis from “Oh my Dior” – Patry from “L’Originale” – Shri from “Shri loves […]

Naketano Gift for readers!!! 20 coupon to the tune of 30 euros! More Winners!!!

    For today’s post I’d like to talk to you about Naketano – a young street fashion design brand which perfectly fuses Japanese minimalist art with the strength, energy, and vibe of the 80’s color trend. “Naketano is the name of an idea, a certain conception of what it is that defines truly genuine […]