Pastel and chains












I wear:
Kàdor round sunglasses
Zara Jacket
h&m cotton shorts
h&m Pastel blue shirt
Zara pastel green platform sandals
Stella McCartney Falabella bag
h&m chained bracelet
Hermès paris enamel bracelet
Vintage gold bracelet
Essence nail polish “absolutely blue” No. 97

51 pensieri su “Pastel and chains

  1. Admirably Pretty dice:

    I've got the same skirt! 🙂 You combined it very well, lovely! I'm going to keep this in mind! 😉

    Those sunglasses are fab & red lipstick suits you very well! I'm a new follower!

    Xo, Imke

  2. Self-Dressed dice:

    OMG! love it!
    I've just started following your on GFC and Bloglovin because I love your blog!!!
    like to follow back?
    I hope so… we could stay in contact!!
    kisses dear!

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